Life is Beautiful

April 27, 2006 at 10:49 am Leave a comment

I just received a virus warning from the ABA. The email stated:

 A member has reported an apparently genuine warning about a new virus against which there is no protection.  An innocent-looking e-mail message comes in with a Powerpoint file titled "Life is Beautiful".  If opened, the message "Too late now…" is displayed and life on your computer becomes no longer beautiful.  We thought it best to put this message out immediately – it came from reliable sources.

A quick google for: "Life is beautiful" powerpoint email resulted in a masses of articles on this apparent virus, the first page of google covered in the word "HOAX". And of course, following through on some of these links finally arriving at Symantec's response to the email.

I find it distressing that in an organisation as big as the ABA and with so many mail links to customers, that nobody bothers to check these things out before sending out a mass email. Not only does it make the organisation look a little foolish, but it is an irresponsible use of the email addresses that the organisation stores. Sending out mails like this just slow down the net and clog up people's Inboxes. They also spread fear and panic and have managers phoning IT staff to know exactly what we are doing about these things. All in all, it is a waste of time and resource.

When you receive warning messages, or for that matter anything asking you to forward on to everybody you know, take the time to do a bit of research for yourself. It took me less than a minute to type a search query into google and see that this was a documented hoax. Probably less time than it would have taken to mail everybody I know. 


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