The mad christmas rush…

November 29, 2006 at 6:04 pm Leave a comment

I’m not sure exactly what it is, but the christmas rush seems to start earlier and earlier every year. The lights go up all over London, the streets become congested with pedestrians and my workload at the shop suddenly seems to treble and then gets incrementally worse with each day that we draw closer to closing time. Still, I have a few minutes spare right now, so I’ll try to get down a couple of words before I get back to work.

Firstly, we recieved our usual pre-order form from Bancroft-Parkman Inc for next year’s copy of ABPC on CD-ROM. This was somewhat disappointing, as earlier in the year we had got an email from Kathy Leab suggesting that an online version would be forthcoming in the new year. Now, we don’t particularly want to commit to buying into another copy of the CD-ROM version, only to find that we have to pay some upgrade fee later to move to the online version. But then, we don’t really want to miss out on the savings that we could make by submitting the pre-order form. Unfortunately, the letter gives no indication of any development on the web front-end, and neither does the ABPC website. What to do?

A couple of interesting news items from the past few days:

OSS4Lib, the Open Source Software community for libraries, had a press release announcing that LibLime had announced that the Nelsonville Public Library System in Athens Ohio has just gone live with Koha ZOOM. Koha ZOOM is an open source web-based ILS that includes a powerful, full-featured search engine based on Zebra, a high-performance indexing and retrieval engine. Maybe not exciting news to booksellers and buyers, but certainly of interest to techno-bibliophiles. The interface looks pretty nifty and may see some changes to established OPAC type resources on the net.

A blogger pointed out that the University of London will be running its first London Rare Book School, which will consist of a series of four-day, intensive courses on a variety of book-related subjects in July 2007. More information can be found here.

And finally, I will try to post a few more entries to my blog before christmas swallows me whole, but please bear with me as I navigate my way through the labyrinth of IT requests that seem to pour in at this time of year.


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