Aaargh! Jahrbuch der Auktionspreise can’t install on PC’s running IE7

January 12, 2007 at 12:05 pm 5 comments

One of my colleagues recently ordered the latest Jahrbuch der Auktionspreise CD-ROM. Unfortunately JAP Nr. 10 has made a significant change in the software used to present the database, and this has caused some undue frustration. By using the Microsoft JET database engine technology and MDAC in order to provide access to their data, their application has a dependency on a version of Internet Explorer that is rapidly disappearing off the net.

Bundled on the CD-ROM is the installer file for Internet Explorer 5.5. The JAP setup application checks to see which version of Internet Explorer is available. If the version precedes IE 5.5, it offers to install this version. However, with some intelligence, the installer recognises if IE 6 is installed and will proceed without a hitch. Unfortunately, for computers running IE 7, the installer presumes that Internet Explorer is not installed and offers the option of installing IE 5.5. If you cancel this, you cancel the entire install. If you accept this option, the IE 5.5 setup fails because a newer version of Internet Explorer is already installed. And so the JAP install fails.

If you are running a computer with Automatic Updates enabled, it is quite possible that without even thinking about it, you are already running Internet Explorer 7. The result, no JAP-CD Nr. 10.

The only workaround that I can find to this, is to actually go into you Control Panel and Add-Remove Programs, and remove Internet Explorer 7. Then install the JAP-CD. Then finally, go to the Microsoft Internet Explorer website, and download the installer to reinstall IE 7. Be aware, though, the IE7  website uses Active-X controls to validate your copy of Windows before you can download. For some reason, on my colleague’s system, Active-X was disabled after we uninstalled IE7. And we didn’t seem to be able to access the Internet settings to re-enable it. If you look further down the screen on the website, there is an option to download an application that will run to give you a validation code that you can then enter manually to get access to the installer download link.

When you have finally re-installed IE7, you will find that JAP runs without a problem. It seems to me that the publishers of the Jahrbuch need to rethink the installer somewhat. Meanwhile, there are going to be a number of frustrated users out there who are just unable to install the application.


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  • 1. Hauswedell Publishers  |  March 14, 2007 at 1:49 pm

    Dear customers,

    If you have any problems during the installation of the JAP CD-ROM No. 10 please contact our publishing house via For those customers that are working with the new Internet Explorer 7 we have produced a new JAP-CD-ROM with an updated version of IE7.

    Yours sincerely,

    Florian Hiersemann

    Haldenstrasse 30, D-70376 Stuttgart
    Postfach 140 155, D-70071 Stuttgart

    Telefon + 49 (0)711 54 99 71-0
    Telefax + 49 (0)711 54 99 71-21

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